The Debut

Captured by Stefan Armbruster, Directed by Ferdi Sibbel.

The JANYAN debut range was captured by Stefan Armbruster, directed by Ferdi Sibbel, featuring Saskia Hoogenberg and Rogier Bosschaart. They were given a carte blanche for creating the introductory campaign of JANYAN, highlighting the fundamental staples in our range: fine wool suiting, cotton trenchcoats, voluminous knitwear and heavy overcoats. Shot on a rainy day in Amsterdam, fall 2021.


The Standard Suit was made to offer a less conservative take on traditional tailoring for both men and women. It is made from an extra-fine merino wool gabardine fabric, super 120S from Italy, finished with horn buttons and a full satin lining. The jacket has a raglan shoulder on the back, draping nicely around the shoulder when worn oversized while allowing you to move freely when it is worn fitted. The trousers have a regular, slightly tapered cut, finished with a metal system to adjust the waist.

Above and below:
STANDARD JACKET + SYSTEM TROUSERS €1100: 100% merino wool gabardine, Italian fabric, lined jacket and trousers, buffalo horn buttons. | LEATHER SLIDES, €250: mules developed by orthopedists in Brabant, hand-sewn in NL, upgraded in vegetable-tanned Italian leather.


The Noorder Trench is made to face Dutch/Northern conditions, hence the name. It is wind-water-proof but also breathable and spaciously cut to allow extra layers to be worn under it and to move freely. The fabric is sourced in Switzerland at a mill that is known for offering army-grade protection fabrics made of pure cotton; allowing your garment to age beautifully over time as no synthetic/modern fabric could. It features our signature raglan back-shoulder and straight front. This allows the garments to drape nicely when worn oversized while enabling you to move freely when worn fitted / with extra layers under it.

Abobe & below:
THE NOORDER TRENCH, €1200: 100% cotton twill, showerproof fabric from Switzerland, buffalo horn buttons, fully lined, two inner pockets, features a storm flap.
Abobe & below:
THE NOORDER TRENCH 'Ripstop', €1200: 100% cotton twill, ripstop fabric, showerproof fabric from Switzerland, buffalo horn buttons, fully lined, two inner pockets, features a storm flap.


The Grand Coat is executed in a 100% merino military-grade duffle coating. We offer two weight options: 600 and 1000 grams per meter. It is pressed to be less fluffy than classic duffles, but more voluminous than standard melton/loden fabrics. Woven in Yorkshire by one of England's last remaining vertical mills. Rinsed in pure Yorkshire water, pumped from 500 feet underground, to offer the same unique softness from centuries ago. It has the same signature construction as our Standard Jacket, featuring a raglan back to create space to move freely while draping nicely around the shoulders when worn oversized.

THE GRAND COAT, From €1400: 100% extra-fine merino wool loden, buffalo horn buttons, fully lined with two inner pockets.


The Grand Knit is made from organic yarn, 100% merino, with a rather harsh/nostalgic touch. It is spun in Germany, originally meant for hardwearing workwear garments, and now favoured by us for its weight and durability. It features an oversized fit with a lot of space around the arms and shoulders, while its weight falls heavily alongside your posture, making it look less oversized than it actually is.

THE GRAND KNIT, €400: Fisherman's knit, 100% merino wool, organic yarn, 3-gage plain knit | SYSTEM TROUSERS, €450: merino gabardine, metal waist adjusters, front leg lined.
Above & below: THE GRAND KNIT is worn under THE STANDARD JACKET. The spacious cut and raglan shoulder of the jacket allow heavy layers to be worn under it.

Amsterdam, Fall 2021