The Hague, NL

Introduction & timeline

Travelling the south of Europe, tracking down workshops that maintain traditional crafts methods. Building a network, I aimed to source products directly from the artisan families behind it. These travels left me with a mixed sense of inspiration and frustration. Unsure whether the market was out of touch with its craft or the other way around, I started to contemplate on how to sync the worlds of crafts and commerce.

Launching my new studio JANYAN. Aiming to show the potential of my network I developed a collection of seven pieces, covering knitwear, suiting, outerwear and leather mules.

Taking a year to work full time on a one-meter wardrobe + collection, drawing inspiration from my grandfather, JAN. His typical narrowed-down wardrobe of approximately one meter featured wool uniforms, cotton shirts, two coats, and leather loafers. I aspired the same level of craftsmanship and clarity but tailored to meet contemporary life and style. It is how I landed on the name: symbolising the preservation of traditional crafts (JAN) while modernising its appeal and application (YAN).

Previewing the first instalment during Paris Fashion Week at Atelier Néerlandais.

Launching a ready-to-wear line of unconstructed garments alongside the fully tailor-made collection, while also expanding into footwear, leather goods, silk, and eyewear.

Aiming for clarity, I designed a one-meter wardrobe, made from laser-cut raw aluminium, carrying no more than seven hanging positions. These seven positions would fulfil anyone’s need, throughout all seasons, on any occasion, in any city in the world. The wardrobe will evolve over the years, experimenting with new fabrics, silhouettes and constructions, but always aiming to both simplify and enrich one's daily act of dressing.

All design is done in-house and all materials are sourced directly from Europe's finest heritage suppliers. The manufacturing is executed on a small scale by independent workshops, all of whom I have direct relations with and are based in Europe.



The aim is to offer a system that both simplifies and enhances the act of dressing. The outcome is a modular wardrobe of one meter, made from raw aluminium, carrying complementary pieces that would fulfil one's needs throughout all seasons, on any occasion, in any city in the world.

JAN; A most traditional Dutch name, referencing traditional wardrobe principles, ensuring products that are made (slowly) with care, using natural materials from Europe's finest heritage suppliers. Products that age well, becoming truly one's own, and therefore will be repaired and cared for. YAN; Merging these principles with modern values while letting state-of-the-art engineering go hand-in-hand with skilled manual craftsmanship.

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