Going to work

2023 debut campaign

Shot by Taufiq Hosen

The one-meter-wardrobe is designed to both simplify and enhance one's daily act of dressing. It was our aim to cover anyone's needs , any season, on any occasion, in any city in the world, with a wardrobe with only seven positions. Just like the traditional wardrobe, ours is built around a suit. We favour the idea of a standardised uniform but wanted to update the shoulder construction of formal suiting hence its rather formal perception and lacking comfort. Therefore, our suit features an unpadded half-raglan construction that drapes nicely around the shoulders when worn oversized while allowing free movement when worn fitted. Yet, it is executed in fine merino wool with horsehair backing and finished with horn buttons, offering the same sleekness and artisan references one finds in proper tailoring. Around this suit, we designed a complimentary range of outerwear, amongst which are all-natural storm-proof coats for spring/fall and dense woollen overcoats for the colder season. Denim is part of the wardrobe as well, in 15oz raw selvage denim from Japan. There is heavy knitwear too, as well as crisp cotton shirting, leather goods, and shoes. Goodyear welted shoes, to be specific. Goodyear welting is the prestige process for shoemaking, ensuring utmost durability while allowing shoes to be resoled by your local shoemaker. Applying this rare manual craft to create a seamless slip-on shoe truly defines our ambition to merge modern design with heritage craft.

Jermaine is wearing the Club Jacket and System Trousers in organic merino wool | Goodyear Welted slip-on in full grain calf leather | Overcoat in 700 grams merino twill | Drivers frame in eco-cellulose acetate.

Frans is wearing the Stormcoat in storm-proof cotton | System Trousers in organic merino wool | Grand Derby Shoes with VibramĀ® utility soles | Club Shirt is crisp poplin cotton.

Jermaine is wearing the System Jeans in 15oz raw denim | Rider Boots in full grain calfskin, goodyear welted.

Sofie is wearing the Rider Suit in 460 grams canvas | Grand Messenger in full grain calfskin

Nicole is wearing the Club Shirt in cotton poplin | System Skirt in merino wool | Camera Purse and smooth nappa leather

Frans is wearing the Club Shirt in cotton poplin | Grand Tote in full grain leather | System Trousers in merino wool | Stormcoat in storm-proof cotton.

Above: Frans is wearing the Grand Knit is 3-gauge organic merino | Grand Tote in full-grain calfskin

Nicole is wearing the Grand Knit is 3-gauge organic merino | System Skirt in organic merino wool | Grand Tote in full-grain calfskin

Jermaine is wearing the Mac Suit in organic merino wool | Driver frame in bio cellulose acetate | Wholecut slip-on, Goodyear welted