The Frame

Captured by Stefan Armbruster, Directed by Ferdi Sibbel.

When visiting the workshop in the slopes of the Dolomites in Northern Italy I showed a vintage pair of acetate frames. The pair's weight lands with a solid knock on the table. I was probably overdoing it, letting it drop from an inch above the table. I explained how I wanted to combine the same heavy-duty construction but with the shape and curves of a pair of Oakleys, and showed our sketches and foam-board models. The engineers had a quick laugh about it, as we clearly had more experience in clothing design, but then they took the challenge of developing our designs. The result is a great manifestation of what our studio is aiming for, merging traditional construction with modern functionality. To take the modernization a bit further; they feature photochromatic ZEISS lenses that respond to UV, transitioning from semi-clear glass to full sun-protecting shades when exposed to direct sunlight.

Amsterdam, Fall 2021