The Hague, NL
Aiming to create a uniform standard that simplyfies the act of dressing without losing a sense of personal expression. The collection consists of fine Italian wool suits, Swiss cotton raincoats, British loden overcoats, voluminus knits and artisal accessories from Spain, Italy and France. All is handmade with utmost care. Made to last, to age well, becoming truly ones own.


My grandfather's name, referring to his wardrobe of carefully gathered pieces that were made (and cared for) to last. Buying a coat was a long-term decision, you did your research.


A contemporary take on (or an homage to) Jan’s uniform.

Five guiding priciples

1: Using natural materials, allowing a garment to age beautifully over time. 2: Working with Europe's best in class, applying original processes that are ethical and showcase original craftsmanship. 3: A versatile and therefore genderless range that easily combines and fits any setting. 4: Designed to last and to be repaired. 5: Applying these rules in a creatively triggering way, it must be worth noticing.

Noordeinde 18a-1
2514GH The Hague, NL