Janyan started as a product design studio from The Hague. Alongside commissioned projects we offer an in-house collection, exploring the intersection of traditional tailoring in a modern context. All pieces should work together, creating a uniform standard that simplyfies the act of dressing without losing a sense of personal expression. The collection consists of fine Italian wool suits, Swiss cotton raincoats, British loden overcoats, voluminus knits and artisal leather footwear + accessories from Spain and Italy.


My grandfather's name, referring to his wardrobe of carefully gathered pieces that were made (and cared for) to last. Buying a coat was a long-term decision, you did your research. YAN, representing a genderless modernist take on (or a homage to) Jan's uniform.


A contemporary take on (or an homage to) Jan’s uniform.

Five guiding priciples

1: Using natural materials, allowing a garment to age beautifully over time. 2: Working with Europe's best in class, applying original processes that are ethical and showcase original craftsmanship. 3: A versatile and therefore genderless range that easily combines and fits any setting. 4: Designed to last and to be repaired. 5: Applying these rules in a creatively triggering way, it must be worth noticing.

Noordeinde 19a-1
2514GH The Hague, NL